iLink provides business-to-business digital solutions as a bridge, opening up new opportunities for businesses to offer unique solutions to your markets for a high level of customer experience, ensuring agility and improved performance.

iLink Limited provide solutions to all aspects of business from individual sole proprietorships,
home, small businesses, corporates, development institutions and governments.

  • Banking & Financial Services

    Banking and Forex Bureau services offering software, devices, smart card for money transaction and means of purchasing for our clients to

  • Microfinance

    Microfinance solutions include offering MFI systems and field officer biometric devices to easy mobility and expansion of business.

  • Travel & Tourism

    We provide digital smart solutions to tourism, museums, hotel, recreational centers and transportation services-by road, water and airways

  • Mining

    Offering digital solutions to mining and mineral activities, especially gemstones cutting, sales and marketing of minerals.

  • Agriculture

    Offering agricultural digital solutions from production, processing and marketing of the agricultural products in the domestic and international market.

  • Energy

    Our energy digital solutions are aimed at petroleum industry; fuel, LPG and NG products and storage facilities..


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